Quit Claim Deed
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Quit Claim Deed?
A Quit Claim Deed is a Document that passes title from the Grantor To the Grantee.  It transfers all interest that the Grantor has in the property, but does not guarantee that the Grantor has any Interest, title or Claim to the property.

What are common uses of a Quit Claim Deed?
A Quit Claim Deed is commonly used in divorces to transfer ownership from one spouse to the next. It is commonly used to clear clouds on titles ( See the article,” How a Quit Claim Deed Can Clear a Cloud on a Title).  A Quit Claim Deed is often used to transfer property amongst family members.  Another common use is to add or subtract a Person from a Property Title.

Who is a Grantor(s)?
Grantor is the person (s) who gives interest that they hold in the property to someone else. When filling in the Grantor section include everyone whose name is officially on the existing title of the property.

Who is the Grantee(s)?
This is the person or persons who are receiving the property.  All the names of these people should be included in the Grantee Section.

Does the Grantee have to sign the Quit Claim Deed?
It is not required in most Counties.  There are some Counties that do require a Grantee(s) signature along with the Grantor.  To find out for sure call your County Clerk of Recorders Office.

Grantee's assigns- How do I fill this in?
The Grantee(s) receive the property from the Grantor.  After that Grantee Assigns would be the person(s) who the new Grantee wants to transfer the property to, If Applicable.

Do I have to Notarize a Quit Claim Deed?
For the Quit Claim Deed to be valid the Grantor signature must be notarized to prove authenticity.

Do I have to Record a Quit Claim Deed?
No- it is not required but there could be serious financial implications. The County would still recognize the original owner and he or she could accumulate Liens and claims on the property without your knowledge.

How do I add someone to my Title?
The Grantor would add themselves and another person in the Grantee section of the Quit Claim Deed. There is no limit on how many people you can add. How do I subtract someone from my Title?  The Grantors would only put the name(s) of the person(s) who they want to title the property to, in the Grantee section.  Subtracting the others.

What is a Quick Claim Deed?
It is a common misspelling of Quit Claim Deed.

What does the County Recorder’s Office mean by “Complaint Form”?
There are 3,140 Counties in the U.S. and many have different recording requirements, most common is Margin requirements.  Some have 3”X3” squares and others have 3” across the top, there are too many to list.  These are areas that the Recorders use to include their information.  Most Counties will record a Quit Claim Deed that is non- compliant but they charge a non-compliant fee and these also vary.

Can I Quit Claim Deed property to a Minor?
No- but you could Quit Claim Deed the property to a Trust for the benefit of the minor.
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