Transferring title to real estate according to a will.

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Transferring title to real estate according to a will.
My father has passed and my Mom is in assisted living....when she passes their home will be passed to us, their children, according to their wills. Do you know what steps we will need to take after my mom passes to transfer the deed. Dad built this home himself and it is paid for free and clear. I can not find any paperwork referring to a deed but assume there is one because he has paid taxes throughout the years. Thank you.
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1. Posted By: Lloyd On: 7/1/2011
I'm pretty sure you will need to go through the courts to administer the will. the courts will then order the property transferred according to the will, a deed will be issued and you will be able to record it.
also, it sounds like your mother should record an affidavit to put the property solely in her name at this time (depending on how the property was titled and how your father's will read) to help keep the water from getting too muddy.

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