Quit Claim Deed to remove co-signer on mortgage

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Quit Claim Deed to remove co-signer on mortgage
my mothers home is not yet paid for but she wants to remove the co-signer name from the deed. Co-signer is her ex partner. he is willing to sign whatever form to get his name off the deed. Can a quit claim deed be file even though the house is still not completely paid for? If so, where can i get this form and how does she file it?
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1. Posted By: JoeP On: 3/23/2012
I think you are confusing the deed from the mortgage. Co-signer is on the mortgage. The deed is the title (ownership) of the home. You can have someone on the mortgage (liable for the amount owed) without having that person on the title (ownership) of the home, or vice versa. A quit claim deed is to remove a name or add a name on the ownership. Has nothing to do with the mortgage.

2. Posted By: Texas Blessed On: 5/2/2012
Where do I find these forms for removing my name from the mortgage? I was able to locate Quit Claim Deeds fairly easily for the title but I can't find something similar for the mortgage.

3. Posted By: Dennis On: 7/13/2012
You will probably have to refinance. We did. Great time to do it with the current interest rates

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