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Maine quit claim deeds are county specific. Select the county where the property is located form information and forms specific to that county.
  A quit claim deed is a legal instrument that conveys the grantor’s rights, if any, to a particular parcel of real property. It typically contains no covenants of warranty and offers little or no protection to the grantee. The state of Maine, however, presents a unique situation because the statutes provide forms and explanations for two types of quitclaim deeds—one with covenants and one without.

33 M.R.S. §161 defines a basic quitclaim deed as one which “conveys the estate which the grantor has and can convey by a deed of any other form.” 33 M.R.S. §§ 765 and 766 add complexity to the issue by providing for statutory quitclaim deeds with covenants. These deeds do not increase the estate or property rights the grantor can convey, but they include a provision that the grantor will support the grantee’s claim to those rights.

33 M.R.S. § 775 includes forms with the minimum statutory requirements for both quitclaim deeds with and without covenants.

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