Quit Claim Deed
Mission Statement
Our Mission Is Simple:
To Provide A Downloadable Quit Claim Deed Form That Is Compliant For Recording In Your County And Easy To Use. We Strive To Keep Up With The Changes In The Recording Requirements And Technology.  We Specialize In One Thing, Quit Claim Deeds!

Why You Should Use our Quitclaim Deed
When we first started selling quitclaim deeds, we offered a compliant form for each county and state but soon found out that even though our forms were compliant, some customers were having difficulties with the form and the recording process. To help out, we added guidelines and an example of a completed quitclaim deed document. This greatly improved the process, but we found that customers started encountering issues with ancillary forms. Almost all counties and states require additional forms to be filed with a quitclaim deed at the time of recordation.  They vary from county to county and state to state; for example, some states require a Transfer Tax Affidavit or a Preliminary Change of Ownership Report. The list is endless. We then worked diligently to make additional forms that are mostly digitized and can be filled in online. Our forms can be e-mailed back and forth between buyers and sellers, letting the buyer and seller fill in their respective information. When the form is complete and correct, it simply needs to be printed and signed in front of a notary. Your time is important and we understand the frustration of filling in a deed, signing it, and having it notarized only to find out that it is not acceptable or that additional forms are needed to record. There are 3,143 counties, each with different recording requirements to fulfill. We are constantly updating our forms for this reason, and if an update isn’t caught in time, we will make it right. SEE OUR GUARANTEE. Our name is Quitclaimdeed.com because all we do is quitclaim deeds.
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