Morton County, Kansas Quitclaim Deed Sample, Recording, and Preparing Information

Morton County, Kansas Quitclaim Deed Sample, Recording, and Preparing Information

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Quitclaim Deed Recording Information for Morton County, Kansas

A quitclaim deed that has been duly recorded will prevail over a prior unrecorded warranty deed. The guidelines listed below apply to a quitclaim deed in Morton County, Kansas:

1. Paper should be 8.5x11 inches in size, white, and at least 20 pound weight.

2. Printing or typing should be legible, in black ink, and at least 12 point font.

3. The quitclaim deed should provide sufficient space for the necessary recording information and certification. A 3 inch margin at the top of the first page and a 1 inch margin at the bottom of the first page should be enough space to accommodate the recorder’s requirements.

4. The names of any signors or notaries public should be printed or typed beneath the signatures. If this requirement is not met, the Register of Deeds will charge an additional $1 per document.

5. The person submitting the document for recordation shall furnish to the Register of Deeds the last known address of the grantee.

6. Quitclaim deeds need to be signed by the grantor and need to also include an acknowledgment.

7. The total consideration of the real property needs to be included in the quitclaim deed document.

8. A legal description of the property needs to be provided.

9. In some counties, a Sales Validation questionnaire is required. Check with the Morton County Register of Deeds to see if this is required.


Any conveyance of lands, worded in substance as follows: A.B. quitclaims to C.D. (here describe the premises), for the sum of (here insert the consideration), the said conveyance being duly signed and acknowledged by the grantor, shall be deemed to be a good and sufficient conveyance in quitclaim to the grantee, his or her heirs and assigns.

Quitclaim Recording Fees

To record a deed, mortgage, or other instrument of writing the fee is $8 for the first page (not to exceed 8.5x14 inches). Each additional page is $4.
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