Missouri Quit Claim Deed, Greene County

Missouri Quit Claim Deed, Greene County

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Recording a Quit Claim Deed In Greene County, Missouri

Basic Recording Fees:
Quit Claim Deed, First Page............ $24.00
Each Additional Page................... $3.00

Copy Fees:
Recorded Document (per page) $1.00
Certification of Document $1.00

Penalty Fee:
Non Standard Quit Claim Deed.......... $25.00 in addition to the basic recording fee

First Page Designations

Standard Quit Claim Deed Requirements:
Every Quit Claim Deed document (except plats and surveys) containing any of the following items shall have such information on the first page of the document below the 3" margin:

Title of the document "Quit Claim Deed"

Date of the Quit Claim Deed document

All grantors' names

All grantees' names

Any statutory addresses

Legal description of the property

Applicable reference book and pages if required

If there is not sufficient room on the first page, the page reference within the Quit Claim Deed document where the information is set out shall be stated on the first page. If one of the required fields begins on the first page and continues uninterrupted to subsequent pages, that meets the page requirement.

Designations (First Page):
Statutory addresses must be designated, i.e., "Grantee's Mailing Address".

The address of the property shall not be accepted as a legal description.

Book and page references required on certain documents, i.e.. release deeds, assignments, etc. must be designated.

Additional Fees May Apply

Greene County Recorder of Deeds
940 Boonville St., Room 102
Springfield, Missouri, 65802

Hours: 8:00am to 4:30pm.M-F

Phone: (417) 868-4068

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