Transfer Tax Exemptions for the State of New Hampshire

Transfer Tax Exemptions for the State of New Hampshire

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Transfer Tax Exemptions in New Hampshire on a Quit Claim Deed

Non-contractual transfers are Exempt:

Transfers between spouses pursuant to a final decree of divorce or nullity.

Filing of a Quit Claim Deed or other instrument that correct a deed.
Transfers to the state of NH, or a county, a municipality, or other political subdivision of the state of NH.

Transfers of cemetery plots.

Transfers that occur by devise, by intestate succession and descent, or by the death of a joint tenant.

What is a non-contractual transfer? A non-contractual transfer is essentially a gift and is evidenced by the transferor’s donative intent toward the transferee, actual delivery of the property to the transferee, and complete relinquishment of control over the property.
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