What is a Quick Claim Deed Form?

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A quitclaim deed is often incorrectly referred to as a Quick Claim Deed. The confusion comes from the fact that quit and quick sound so much alike and that the quit claim is generally thought of as being a very quick process.

This type of real estate deed, the form, is used to transfer real property rights from one person to another. In real estate matters a person can be a natural person or some other legal entity such as a trust, a limited liability company, a corporation, or a partnership.

The rights that are transferred using a quit claim deed are only the rights that the grantor held at the time that the deed was executed. This form of deed makes no warranties that the grantor has any rights at all to the real property.

Many times this deed is used for real estate transaction between closely related persons. Commonly used to transfer property title between husband and wife during marriage and divorce, to children during estate planning, and transfers into and out of corporate entities and trusts.
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