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Purpose: The Real Property Transfer Declaration provides essential information to the county assessor to help ensure fair and uniform
assessments for all property for property tax purposes. Refer to 39­14­102(4), Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.).
Requirements: All conveyance documents (deeds) subject to the documentary fee submitted to the county clerk and recorder for
recordation must be accompanied by a Real Property Transfer Declaration. This declaration must be completed and signed by the
grantor (seller) or grantee (buyer). Refer to 39­14­102(1)(a), C.R.S.
Penalty for Noncompliance: Whenever a Real Property Transfer Declaration does not accompany the deed, the clerk and recorder
notifies the county assessor who will send a notice to the buyer requesting the declaration be returned within thirty days after the notice
is mailed.
If the completed Real Property Transfer Declaration is not returned to the county assessor within the 30 days of notice, the assessor may
impose a penalty of $25.00 or .025% (.00025) of the sale price, whichever is greater. This penalty may be imposed for any subsequent
year that the buyer fails to submit the declaration until the property is sold. Refer to 39­14­102(1)(b), C.R.S.
Confidentiality: The assessor is required to make the Real Property Transfer Declaration available for inspection to the buyer.
However, it is only available to the seller if the seller filed the declaration. Information derived from the Real Property Transfer
Declaration is available to any taxpayer or any agent of such taxpayer subject to confidentiality requirements as provided by law. Refer
to 39­5­121.5, C.R.S. and 39­13­102(5)(c), C.R.S.
1. Address and/or legal description for the real property sold: Please do not use P.O. box numbers.
2. Type of property purchased:  Single Family Residential  Townhome  Condominium
 Multi­Unit Res  Commercial  Industrial  Agricultural  Mixed Use Vacant Land
3. Date of Closing:
Month Day Year
Date of contract if different than date of closing:
Month Day Year
4. Total Sale Price: Including all real and personal property.
5. Was any personal property included in the transaction? Personal property would include, but is not limited to,
free standing appliances, equipment, inventory, furniture. If the personal property is not listed, the entire purchase price will
be assumed to be for the real property as per 39­13­102, C.R.S.
 Yes  No If Yes, Approximate Value $______________________ Describe___________________________
6. Did the total sale price include a trade or exchange of additional real or personal property? If yes, give the
approximate value of the goods or services as of the date of closing.
 Yes  No If Yes, Value $_____________________
If Yes, does this transaction involve a trade under IRS Code Section 1031?  Yes  No
7. Was 100% interest in the real property purchased? Mark “no” if only partial interest is being purchased.
 Yes  No If no, interest purchased ___________________%
8. Is this transaction among related parties? Indicate whether buyer and seller are related. Related parties include
persons within the same family, business affiliates, or affiliated corporations.
 Yes  No
9. Check any of the following that apply to the condition of the improvements at the time of purchase.
 New  Excellent  Good  Average  Fair  Poor  Salvage15­DIVISION­AS
PUB ARL 3 1­89
Revised 11­05
If the property is financed, please complete the following:
10. Total amount financed: $__________________________________________
11. Type of financing: (Check all that apply):
 New
 Assumed
 Seller
 Third Party
 Combination Explain: ___________________________
12. Terms:
 Variable; Starting Interest Rate ___________________%
 Fixed; Interest Rate __________________________%
Length of Time _______________________________________years
Balloon Payment?  Yes  No If Yes, amount $________________ due date _____________
13. Mark any that apply: Seller assisted down payments Seller concessions Special terms or financing
If marked, please specify: ___________________________________________________________________
For properties other than residential (Residential is defined as: single family detached, townhomes, apartments, and
condominiums) please complete questions 14 – 16 if applicable. Otherwise skip to #17 to complete.
14. Did the purchase price include a franchise or license fee?  Yes  No
If yes, franchise or license fee value? $ ________________________________________
15. Did the purchase price involve an Installment Land Contract?  Yes  No
If yes, date of contract _____________________________________
16. If this was a vacant land sale, was an on­site inspection of the property conducted by the buyer prior to
the closing?  Yes  No
Remarks: Please include any additional information concerning the sale you may feel is important.
17. Signed this _______ day of ________________, 20____.
Enter the day, month, and year, have at least one of the parties to the transaction sign the document, and include an address
and a daytime phone number. Please designate buyer or seller.
Signature of Grantee (Buyer)  or Grantor (Seller) 
18. All future correspondence (tax bills, property valuations, etc.) regarding this property should be mailed
______________ ______________________________________________________________________
Address (mailing) Daytime Phone
City, State and Zip Code
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