Kent County, Rhode Island Quitclaim Deed Guidelines and Requirements

Kent County, Rhode Island Quitclaim Deed Guidelines and Requirements

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Quitclaim Deed guidelines for Kent County, Rhode Island

1. An original or certified copy of an original is accepted for recording.

2. Submit your quitclaim deed on 8.5x11 inch or 8.5x14 inch paper.

3. The signatories and notaries public shall have their names printed or typed beneath or next to their signatures. Failure to comply with this is $2.

4. The name and address of the grantee must be on the quitclaim deed.

5. Every quitclaim deed presented for recording due to the sale of property which results in the transfer of ownership shall contain or have endorsed upon it the total dollar amount of the actual sale, which is to be recorded as part of the deed.

6. Witnesses are not required for quitclaim deeds.

7. Any applicable Rhode Island Realty Conveyance Tax is due at the time of recording. If no consideration has been paid, or if the document is exempt, this must be stated on the deed.

8. All parties executing the instrument must acknowledge it.

The following statutory form can be used for a quitclaim deed:

NAME of COUNTY and STATE for consideration paid, grant to NAME of ADDRESS and COUNTY and STATE with quitclaim covenants, (description, and encumbrances, if any).
Witness……………….hand this………………….day of (Here add acknowledgment.)


To record a quitclaim deed, the fee is $80 for the first page and $1 for each additional page.
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