Sevier County Recording and Preparation Information for Real Property Transfer Forms

Sevier County Recording and Preparation Information for Real Property Transfer Forms

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Creating Standard Quit Claim Deeds for Sevier County, Tennessee Recording Requirements

A quit claim deed should be registered in the county where the land lies. If it lies in two or more counties, it may be registered in either. If it contains several tracts of land in different counties, it should be registered in each of the counties where any of the tracts lie. Quit claim deeds should be taken to the Sevier County Register of Deeds. The following formatting requirements apply:

1. 8.5x11 inch white paper should be used.

2. The first page should have a 3 inch top and bottom margin. These are to be left blank for the Register of Deeds. Other margins on the first page and on subsequent pages should be a minimum of 1 inch.

3. Black ink, with a minimum font size of 10 point should be used for the text.

4. Names should be written beneath all signatures.

These additional standards apply to quit claim deeds:

1. Quit claim deeds shall contain recitals, designating the deed, will, court decree, or other source from which the grantor received the equitable interest. If the source of equitable interest is a deed or other instrument recorded in the Register of Deeds office, a will, or court decree of record, the type of instrument, office, book, and page shall be cited on the quit claim deed being presented for recording. If no preceding instrument has been recorded, this should be cited on the current quit claim deed.

2. A quit claim deed should include the name and address of the property owner and the name and address of the person responsible for the payment of real property taxes.

3. The name and address of the preparer of the instrument should be given on the first page in the following language: “This instrument was prepared by NAME and ADDRESS.”

4. Legal descriptions are required on quit claim deeds, as are parcel identification numbers. The parcel identification number should be given in the following order: map, group, and parcel.

5. If the property has been improved, there should be a notation at the end of the legal description, followed by the street number and post office address.

6. At the end of the legal description, provide the name, license number, and address of the surveyor who prepared the boundary survey from which the description was prepared.

7. To reference a previously recorded document, provide the book and page. For example: T508 pg. 61/Bk 1411 pg. 44.

8. Quit claim deeds should contain the following statement: “I swear or affirm that the actual consideration for this transfer is $ ___________.” This statement is to be signed by the grantor and notarized.

Cost of Recording Quit Claim Deeds in Sevier County:

The fee to record a quit claim deed is $12 for the first two pages. Each additional page or attachment is $5.

The deed transfer tax is $0.37 per $100.

The real estate certification fee is $1 per page.

A self-addressed stamped envelope is necessary for the return of original documents after they have been recorded.

Checks should be made payable to Sevier County Register of Deeds.
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