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Labette County Quit Claim Deed Information. Once a quit claim deed that meets the requirements of Labette County is completed, signed, delivered and accepted by the grantee it can then be recorded. A deed should only be recorded in Labette County if the subject property is located in this county.
Recorder Offices

Labette County Register of Deeds
501 Merchant St., Oswego
8:30 to 4:30 M-F
Phone: (620) 795-2138
Labette County Register of Deeds   501 Merchant St.,  Oswego, Kansas,  67356

Recording Information

Standardization Requirements for Quit Claim Forms in Labette County Kansas
Creating a Standard Quit Claim Deed for Labette County, Kansas Kansas has a notice statute recording act. A later buyer who ...

State Information

Signatures Required By Kansas State Statute on Quit Claim Deed Conveyances
The grantor is the only party to a quit claim deed that is required to subscribe (sign) the document in Kansas. The grantor's...

Labette County Forms
Labette County Kansas Quit Claim Deed Forms
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